Nov 27, 2009

The Dark keeps many, a Rogue should know... understand..

But not suffer the same, eventhoug we seen just as troll as the next, all of us have our flaws.
We were weak, we were cowards... but we are back.

TREMBLE.. trembele in the wake of our wakening.

tremble ang giev 5G plx

Aug 28, 2008

Back again!

After a being lost for a long time in the forests, Zumsum saw the large tower and plateau's of Shattrath city again in the distance.

Riding back in the city little had changed. Apperantly a new fashoin of clothes had taken a hold of the poplulation. Making a mental note to check into that sometime later, Zum sought out the smith and engineering trainer.

Being lost in the woods gives you plenty of time to reminisant and.... mine ore's. Bags stuffed to the brim, lets hammer together some nice guns and granades. However, as everytime, full bags of ore doesnt impress the engineer trainer much, and we only get to learn how to make one new item after we are done. That helicopter mount still seems so far away...

Staring at the nice pictures of the helicopter mount, our eye falls on the parts list needed to make it. Pretty easy stuff mostly. But what is that elemental seaforium thingy. Some inquiry's
point to a engineer in Area 52 that supposedly sells the scematic. Lo and behold, the guy is not willing to part with the scematic, mumbling something about not realy liking me....

Awww... darn.. I 'd better get off and do stuff that will please this man. Turns out there are lots of folks here with a lot of problems I can help solve whilst doing that... AND making a nice buck on the side too.

Jun 9, 2008

Summer is here

I havent done a update recently.

The good weather has arrived and the BBQ has been dusted off and fired up. =)
I'll be getting exhalted with the Barbequeians faction real soon I predict.

On a side note, AI have leveled Grizander to 25 now. Time to start thinking about swithing to prot and start running some tank drills.
There was a nice piece on WoWInsider about tanking and what to expect. And it turns out there is quite a bit more involved that I had thought about. I hope I will manage.

Tank talk: "Do you feel Lucky? Punk!"

Ok I am back to the BBQ, god what a grind. =)

May 27, 2008

Meet Grizander

Now I have kicked the rogue all the way to level 70, and have him running some instances and PvP, I once again start to miss the pleasure of levelling a character.

So, meet Grizander…
A Blood Elf Paladin. His name as pink as his class colour. =)
Grizander’s ambition in life is to become a tankadin.

I never really set foot in the Blood Elf starting area before. And I must say I had a nice time there levelling him to 20. The starting area is Eversong woods and sends you here and fro on some gathering and the usual killing quests. The thing that struck me in the frst levels is how nice the items were gotten from quests. Level 2 swords and shields were as beautiful as some epix I have seen. In Ghostland you encounter mostly undead, daemons or animal creatures.

In Ghostlands you get to visit Deatholme. Deatholme is the largest Scourge outpost in the Eastern Kingdoms outside of the greater Plaguelands, and appears to be jam-packed with temples, ziggurats and slaughterhouses. The variety of enemies in the area include undead nerubians, banshees, wraiths (Eyes of Dar'Khan), and human necromancers with their skeletal minions. Dar'Khan rules this odd assortment from the Tower of the Damned, along with his undead lieutenants.

There are quite a few quests to be done in there, and some o them are group quests. And lo and behold, a low level paladin seems to be quite capable to hold his own in difficult situations. I managed to solo all of them bar the end fight with Dar'Khan Drathir, wich is classed a 5 man fight. I did not even bother to try =).

After finishing up in Ghostlands you get send to Tarren Mill, and I maneged to do something quite silly while traveling there. My normal route traveling from Tarren Mills to the Scarlet monestary is through the lake in Alterac Mountains, mich I also did in this case but traveling in the opposite direction. However doing this at level 21, you first meet level 21 opponents wich are followed up by ?? ones. Four corpse runs, and as much blessigs of protection later while legging it at full speed away from the evil tigers and spiders that inhabit the area, I got killed and was able to ask to be hit with the hammer of ressurection at Tarren Mill's grave yard. =\

May 15, 2008

Heroes of WoW

Epic World of Warcraft adventures staring Fidget and Shakes.


Running the Gauntlet.

After completing the pre-Quest in Old Hilsbrad, in which we reunited young Thrall with his love Taretha, I looked for a group to run the Black Morass.

In Black Morass you need to help the possessed wizard Medivh to open the black portal which will bring the Horde to Azaroth. (note, the Horde come from a place called Draenor, perhaps in a next expansion we get to see this place too)
However the dragonkin of the Infinite Dragonflight are not happy with this and will try to destroy Medivh while he attempts to open the portal.

Our group had a perfect setup. A druid tank, mage, warlock, resto-shaman and yours truly.
Now mutilate is not the best tanking spec, but I was on add duty none the less. The mage and warlock understood that my spec doesn’t shine while trying to semi-tank the ads from the front which seriously gimps my DPS output, and chipped in with damage on the ads with the occasional CoC and DoT. None of the ads made it further away from the portals than 15 feet.

We defeated the waves and the sub-bosses without using any of the chorno-beacons, and when Aonus spawned we promptly greeted him with 5 guardian dragons. It was quick and painless =).

Aonus dropped the Handgrips of Assassination, I now have my first piece on this set. The 2 piece bonus seems really nice, so I think I will be running the Shadow Labs to get the chest too.

Also, I could no longer restrain myself in waiting for Season 4 to commence, which would also mean S2 for honour, and bought the S1 daggers, Gladiator’s Shanker and Gladiator’s Shiv. They are a tremendous DPS upgrade and hit for real nice numbers.

May 7, 2008

Ding 70!

Daygrene and I dinged 70 together after wrapping up all the group Quest's we shared in Nagrand and Shadowmoon Valley.

When we were close to the 70 mark but still about 60-75 XP short, we traveled through Halaa. It was horde controled and the shortest road to the Q giver. In my bags I still had the 100 Oshu'gun Crystal Powders. It turned out handing in the 5 stacks of 20 yielded about 50K Exp.
The remaining we got from completing the three quests at Altruis. We legged it back to Shadowmoon Valley and spend our entire fortune of a flying bat.

The Airborne Troll Squad is on its way to Blade edge Mountains next. =)

May 6, 2008

Mining is like a search-and-destroy mission.

No Questing, no Instances, but scouring the fields for metal veins.

I have dropped skinning now I am almost 70 and have taken up engineering. (note: i took up skinning purely for the gold revenue)
As I had neglected to maintain mining besides my skinning, it was still on a sub 100 skill level. Not that important since I had to begin with copper stuff anyway.

So there we went, roaming the country sides in search of precious metal and gems. After a lot of circuit‘s in the Barrens, a Thousand Needles, Hinterlands and Tarnaris, I am now mining Thorium ores in Sithilus. A great place. All the hives have two separate caves, which in turn usually have 2 rich ooze covered thorium veins. Good pickings. Especially when you can stealth to the vein without fighting a single mob.

The reason for me taking up engineering is very simple actually, as a rogue I have the ability to vanish when things go south. A nice trick that can save some serious repair costs. So there you stand, your party members probably very dead. How do we turn vanish into a group loved trait?

Long live goblin engineering, they can create and use the Jumper cables XL. The success rate of these XL cables compared to the normal ones is significant, about 50-60% where the normal are stuck at about 25-30%.

So now I can save the group a walk when things go bad in an instance and shock a rezzer back to life…

The only problem is that the XL cables are a drop from Plugger Spazzring in BRD, not vendor bought. So when I spotted a not so pricy schematic on the AH, I went for it and bought it.

When I grind my way up in the engineering profession, I really would like to make the Flying machine.
Fun fact: the elemental seaforium charges needed for the flying machine are obtainable at revered with the consortium.

Grind baby grind =).

69 and climbing.